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Re: [uracoli-devel] some progress with RFA1 Arduino stuff

From: Axel Wachtler
Subject: Re: [uracoli-devel] some progress with RFA1 Arduino stuff
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 21:05:27 +0200
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Hi all, 

> I got the MacOSX (10.6.4) version of the Arduino IDE to run RadioFaro.

that is really a big accomplishment, I've never get in touch with a
MAC as a development plattform.

> The Arduino guys use an old CrossPack build of the avr toolchain. It
> happens to be the same thing as WinAVR, which includes a lot of patches
> for new devices (thanks to Joerg I think).

> Here's what I did :
> - download and install the last CrossPack
> (http://www.obdev.at/products/crosspack/download.html)
> - copy the /usr/local/CrossPack-AVR-20100115/ directory over the
> Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/tools/avr

Which source did you take ? Did you build the Arduino package from 
the GIT sources ? This would need "ant" as a build tool.

> - uncompress the uracoli-cvs20101023-arduino.zip archive in
> Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/

Could you please do another trial ? Starting from a virgin Arduino
with new crosspack, then unpack the uracoli sources in the 
private sketch folder of the user. Under Linux this is done with 

unzip -o install/uracoli-tst-arduino.zip -d ${HOME}/.arduino/sketchbook/

The RadioFaro / Funkomat should appear the same way. 

The idea is to keep a seperate package (the Arduino community calls it
a third party package). So a update could be done very easily.

B.t.w. are zipfiles simple to handle on a MAC? Which format is the 
native compression format on the Apples ?

> - run the Arduino IDE, select Funkomat, build something, upload
> - have a beer.

Shakespeare would say: Two beer or not two beer that is not a question ;-)

> Note I built uracoli-arduino on linux, not on the mac.

Later on a uracoli build on MAC would be nice to have but for the moment 
we just distribute copied source files in the Arduino package.

> As a off-topic bonus, since I first tried to compile the avr toolchain
> from scratch, I can say the build script found in avrfreaks for Linux
> almost works in MacOSX. I can also say I really don't like Macs :)

That should be worth a post on the avrfreaks list, even if the Mac is FreeBSD

So thanks again a lot, Cheers, Axel
Axel Wachtler
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