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Re: [unifont] unifont_jp-12.1.02.ttf link in unifoundry.com is broken

From: roytam
Subject: Re: [unifont] unifont_jp-12.1.02.ttf link in unifoundry.com is broken
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2019 07:32:52 +0800

Hello Paul,

It seems that he has a blog:
You may try leave a comment there.


Paul Hardy <address@hidden> 於 2019年6月9日 週日 上午4:25寫道:
> Roy,
> On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 10:45 AM <address@hidden> wrote:
> > ...
> > BTW, Izumi Bitmap Font (
> > http://izumilib.web.fc2.com/izumi-bf/dl-eng.html ) is also in Public
> > Domain and looks better than jiskan16 for your reference.
> Thank you for letting me know about the Izumi font.  I realized that
> Jiskan16 glyphs were often wider than they needed to be, but it was
> the best kanji font that I found before your email.  It looks like the
> Izumi font started with the Jiskan16 glyphs and improved them.
> Do you have any way to contact that author besides the email address
> on that site?  I sent email there but it was returned as
> undeliverable.  There is a minor problem with the JIS X 0213 Plane 1 &
> Plane 2 BDF fonts: they have over 50 duplicate code points.
> I can prepare corrected BDF files, but would prefer that the creator
> of those files also distribute corrected versions with incremented
> version numbers.
> It would also be nice to have a comment line in each BDF file stating
> that the file is in the public domain, rather than just the website
> message.  If the BDF files need to be modified anyways, maybe the
> author could add those comments at the same time.
> Thank you,
> Paul Hardy

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