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[unifont] Unifont 10.0.05 Released

From: Paul Hardy
Subject: [unifont] Unifont 10.0.05 Released
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 04:29:50 -0700

I have uploaded Unifont 10.0.05.  You should be able to download it
from a mirror site here:


or from the GNU FTP site at:


Mike Gilbert: I have not yet incorporated your Makefile patches but
will on the next release.  There was a bug in the previous release
that I needed to fix quickly: the combining characters were not being
offset correctly.  This happened when I converted the
font/plane*/*-combining.txt files to add a second field, for an offset
in pixels.  That proved a convenient way to handle double diacritic
marks, which half overlap the character before and half overlap the
character afterwards.  I am not going to have access to a computer the
last week in July, and did not want to make a major change before
then.  I expect to release a version with your modified Makefiles in
early August.

All the best,

Paul Hardy

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