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[unifont] Unifont 10.0.02 and 10.0.03 Released

From: Paul Hardy
Subject: [unifont] Unifont 10.0.02 and 10.0.03 Released
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2017 08:23:54 -0700

I have created two new versions of Unifont: 10.0.02 and 10.0.03.  They
should be on FTP mirrors by now.

Unifont 10.0.02 is a stable release.  Unifont 10.0.03 is experimental,
to test a change in positioning of combining characters.

If you are incorporating Unifont into an OS distribution and have not
yet added Unifont 10.0.01, then I recommend using Unifont 10.0.02.
You can download it here:


or if that fails,


Unifont 10.0.02 modifies Greek vowels with a tonos (acute accent) so
they look like an acute accent (U+0301) and fixes one Aiha CSUR glyph.
The Greek smooth and rough breathing marks were moved to the left.
There are a few other minor adjustments in the Combining Diacritical
Marks and Greek range of U+0300..U+03FF.

If you have already upgraded to Unifont 10.0.01, you could wait until
Unifont 10.0.04 is released.  That will happen after the experimental
Unifont 10.0.03 has gone through some period of testing, to be

If you want to try the new experimental version, it is available at
the above links but with "10.0.02" changed to "10.0.03".


Paul Hardy

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