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[unifont] Changes Planned for Unifont 7.0.04

From: Paul Hardy
Subject: [unifont] Changes Planned for Unifont 7.0.04
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 08:20:33 -0700

I'm planning another release in early September, which will be Unifont 7.0.04.

After saying I wouldn't make program changes for the next release, I realized that hex2sfd is not handling combining characters above Plane 0 correctly.  I have therefore modified hex2sfd to fix that, and the new version will be in the next release.

Every Plane 1 (Supplemental Multilingual Plane, or SMP) script that was introduced before Unicode 7.0 has at least one person working on its completion, except for a few that cannot be drawn well in a 16-by-16 pixel grid.  Those few that will not be drawn are:

Cuneiform Numbers and Punctuation
Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Bamum Supplement

The grids in the PNG files that Andrew Miller's unihex2png creates have 31 by 31 blank pixel areas for glyphs.  The intention is to support a new set of glyphs in the future that will be on a 32 by 32 pixel grid, to contain the above highly detailed scripts.  These four scripts contain thousands of glyphs--it will take a while to draw them.

These Plane 1 (SMP) scripts are already slated for inclusion/completion in Unifont 7.0.04, in order of their appearance in Unicode:

Sora Sompeng
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols
Arabic Mathematical Alphabetic Symbols
Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
Ornamental Dingbats
Transport and Map Symbols
Geometric Shapes Extended
Supplemental Arrows - C

Someone has also said he has drawn Elbasan and Caucasian Albanian.

The remaining Plane 1 (SMP) scripts (all introduced in Unicode 7.0) have not been drawn, and nobody has volunteered to draw them:

Old Permic
Linear A (I will draw these later in 2014 if I have time)
Sinhala Archaic Numbers
Warang Citi
Pau Cin hau
Bassa Vah
Mende Kikakui

This is a total of about 1500 glyphs.

If anyone wants to draw any of these, you can email a completed script to me for inclusion in the next release.  You will have to agree that the glyphs will share the same license as what is in Unifont: GPLv2+ with the GNU Font Embedding Exception.

Please let me know if you are starting work on a script, to avoid any duplication of effort.

Thanks, and stay tuned,


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