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[Uisp-dev] UISP and JNI

From: Paolo
Subject: [Uisp-dev] UISP and JNI
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 10:16:47 +0200
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   i would like use a UISP on JVM.
   I was thinking to use the JNI, but i receive an error while try to use a
   native method.
   I have build a native library with:
   gcc  -o  libnativelib.so  -fPIC  -shared  -Wl,-soname,libnative.so  -I
   $LD_LIBRARY_PATH -static -lc
   address@hidden:~/workspace/provajni2/src$ ls
   AvrAtmel.C     AvrStargate.h  Error.h      MotIntl.C  Serial.h    Uisp.class
   AvrAtmel.h     config.h       Global.h     MotIntl.h  stamp-h1    Uisp.h
   Avr.C          config-h.in    Main.C       parport.h  Stk500.C    Uisp.java
   AvrDummy.C     cygwinp.C      Main.C~      ppdev.h    Stk500.h
   AvrDummy.h     cygwinp.h      Makefile     SASA.C     Terminal.C
   Avr.h          DAPA.C         Makefile.am  SASA.h     Terminal.h
   AvrStargate.C  DAPA.h         Makefile.in  Serial.C   timeradd.h
   there is a method for use UISP with JVM ?
   I would like porting the UISP on Windows/MAC!

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