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[Uisp-dev] ATtiny2313 + stk500 uisp support

From: Mikey Sklar
Subject: [Uisp-dev] ATtiny2313 + stk500 uisp support
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 08:14:14 -0500
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I see that that UISP-20050207 is lacking support for a ATtiny2313 + stk500
programming at this time. Although I have applied earlier ATtiny2313
patches for uisp, I am curious what prevents the stk500 from working
with this part today (besides the code not being present in stk500.c)?

Side note: I can actually program the ATtiny2313 with a stk500 using
-dpart=at90s2313 . Although I am concerned that there are far too many
differences between these chips for this to be reliable.

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