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Re: [Uisp-dev] STK500 / Atmel AVRISP query.

From: Theodore A. Roth
Subject: Re: [Uisp-dev] STK500 / Atmel AVRISP query.
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 12:39:40 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Victoria Welch wrote:

> Hello Uros!

I don't think Uros is on the list as I believe he moved on to other
endeavors quite a while ago.

I'm the current maintainer.

>   First off, thanks VERY much for your efforts with uisp and for
> sharing it!
>   I have a problem with my motherboard (Sis chipset) and programming
> through the parallel port with either the dapa or stk200/300 under
> linux with them.  Strangely they work flawlessly under windoz (well
> the Sample cable (same as dapa, different pinout) and stk200/300)
> :-(.

I've had good results with the stk200/300 dongles with linux. Are you
using direct IO or the parport driver?

Also, which version of uisp are you using?

>   I am, as you can imaging, getting rather tired of doing my stuff
> with avr-gcc under linux and booting windoz to program chips :-/.

That doesn't sound like much fun.

>   My question is related to the Atmel AVRISP:
> http://rocky.digikey.com/WebLib/Atmel/Web%20Photos/ATAVRISP.jpg
> http://rocky.digikey.com/WebLib/Atmel/Web%20Data/ATAVRISP%20Flyer.pdf
> I have been told that this is a "stand alone stk500 programming
> section".  I am a bit confused on this issue and wonder if you can
> tell me if uisp supports this programmer?  In case it is important
> I am using 2313s, Mega8Ls, Mega103s and Mega323s.  I'm desperate
> enough to actually purchase a serial programmer :-(.

The ATAVRISP is basically a stripped down version of the stk500. It
can only do ISP programming via the SPI interface. It should support
those devices fine with UISP (take that with a grain of salt since
I've never used the ATAVRISP).

I'd recommend just spending a tad more and getting the stk500. You get
quite a bit more functionality including HiV programming, support for
more devices, LED outputs and Switches for input during prototyping,

>From what I've heard, the stk500 and the ATAVRISP use the same comm
protocol over the serial connection.

> Thanks VERY much for any help you can be in this matter, your
> efforts are greatly appreciated!
> Take care, Vikki.

Ted Roth

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