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[Uisp-dev] STK500 / Atmel AVRISP query.

From: Victoria Welch
Subject: [Uisp-dev] STK500 / Atmel AVRISP query.
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 11:41:10 -0700
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Hello Uros!

  First off, thanks VERY much for your efforts with uisp and for 
sharing it!

  I have a problem with my motherboard (Sis chipset) and programming 
through the parallel port with either the dapa or stk200/300 under 
linux with them.  Strangely they work flawlessly under windoz (well 
the Sample cable (same as dapa, different pinout) and stk200/300) 

  I am, as you can imaging, getting rather tired of doing my stuff 
with avr-gcc under linux and booting windoz to program chips :-/.

  My question is related to the Atmel AVRISP:



I have been told that this is a "stand alone stk500 programming 
section".  I am a bit confused on this issue and wonder if you can 
tell me if uisp supports this programmer?  In case it is important 
I am using 2313s, Mega8Ls, Mega103s and Mega323s.  I'm desperate 
enough to actually purchase a serial programmer :-(.

Thanks VERY much for any help you can be in this matter, your 
efforts are greatly appreciated!

Take care, Vikki.
Victoria Welch, WV9K/7, SysAdmin, Embedded Systems Designer.
"Walking on water and developing software to specification
are easy as long as both are frozen" - Edward V. Berard.
Do not unto others, that which you would not have others do unto 

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