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[Uisp-dev] [bug #5307] uisp fails to enter programming mode on STK500

From: nobody
Subject: [Uisp-dev] [bug #5307] uisp fails to enter programming mode on STK500
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 05:55:24 -0400
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=================== BUG #5307: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: None                    Project: AVR In-System Programmer     
Submitted on: Mon 09/15/2003 at 05:55
Category:  None                       Severity:  5 - Major                  
Bug Group:  None                      Resolution:  None                     
Assigned to:  None                    Originator Email:  address@hidden    
Status:  Open                         

Summary:  uisp fails to enter programming mode on STK500

Original Submission:  When trying to program STK500 with the latest version of 
uisp (version 20030618) it fails to enter programming mode. I have compiled in 
some printf's to try to track what is failing and this is what it says:


prompt>uisp --version

uisp version 20030618


prompt> uisp -dprog=stk500 -dserial=/dev/ttyS0 -dpart=AT90S8515 --erase 
--upload --verify if=rom.hex

Firmware Version: 1.14

0: 14 = 20

1: 11 = 16

Failed to enter programming mode.



The code I changed is in Stk500.C:


void TStk500::EnterProgrammingMode() {

  TByte buf[100];

  int i;

  memcpy(buf, EnterPgmMode, sizeof(EnterPgmMode));

  Send(buf, sizeof(EnterPgmMode), sizeof(EnterPgmMode_Reply));

  if (memcmp(buf, EnterPgmMode_Reply, sizeof(EnterPgmMode_Reply)) != 0) {

    for (i=0;i<(int)sizeof(EnterPgmMode_Reply);i++) {

      printf("%x: %x = %in", i, buf[i], EnterPgmMode_Reply[i]);


    throw Error_Device ("Failed to enter programming mode."); }



It seams as the answer is incorrect but I dont know what to expect.


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