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Re: [Uisp-dev] [AVR-GCC-LIST] OT: STK500 programming slowdown?

From: Matthias Ringwald
Subject: Re: [Uisp-dev] [AVR-GCC-LIST] OT: STK500 programming slowdown?
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 12:00:10 +0100

hi all,

problem fixed!

I re-programmed the stk500 firmware. the stk500 is now back up working.

to install the firmware, you just have to start the application uprade.exe in the atmel tools/stk500 folder
of the avr studio windows installation.

 matthias ringwald

On Dienstag, Dezember 3, 2002, at 11:01  Uhr, Matthias Ringwald wrote:


more details:

i'm using the stk500 1.10 firmware that came with avrstudio 4.05 (build 181)
I'm programming atmel atmega128 chips.
normally, I didn't power the stk500 before switching from Mac to PC. I only use avrstudio if I have to program the fuse bits ( which I just didn't figure out until now.. I'll promise I'll try) or if something doens't work.

today, the problem still exists. I'll try another stk500 now....
ok. the other stk500 works fine.

so the problem is this special board.

is there anything that I can do to figure out what happend to the problematic board?

uisp doesn't show much debug output even with -v=3.

how about a progress indicator after the file has been uploaded, would be nice,
even if the board works as expected.  :)

matthias ringwald

On Montag, Dezember 2, 2002, at 10:19  Uhr, Theodore A. Roth wrote:

Since this happens when using either uisp or avrstudio, it very much looks like a hardware problem. Since the other poster saw the problem go away
after rebooting the PC host, I would think that the stk500 is having a
problem which is causing it to fall back to a timed programming mode
(instead of polling for flash write complete).

What firmware version is in the stk500? Probably 1.10 if you are using
avrstudio 4.x

What devices are you trying to program?

I assume you power the stk500 down before switching from PC to Mac?

Ted Roth

On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Matthias Ringwald wrote:

:) hi
:) today, my stk500 has slowed down significantly.
:) did someone experience this problem, too?
:) did someone found a cause for it?
:) it just happened to me. I didn't do any hardware or software changes in
:) the meantime.
:) I'm working on mac os x using uisp(cvs 20020626) and windows with the
:) avr studio 4. its slow on both machines.
:) its also not related to the target.
:) so I have 2 computers, 1 stk500, several targets. its about 10 times
:) slower than before ( 3 minutes for a 50 K program)
:) so it looks like the stk500 is bad.
:) any ideas ?
:) thanks,
:)   matthias ringwald
:) thats an old posting describing the same problem, but no answer.. it
:) was jsut cured.
:) > Never mind; this problem seems to have gone away after rebooting the
:) > host
:) > PC.  Very weird.
:) >
:) > -- jm
:) >
:) > > Has anyone encountered a problem with their STK-500 that causes the :) > > programming process (either via AVR Studio or the command-line stk500
:) > > utility) to slow down by a factor of 4 or 5X?
:) > >
:) > > The other day, I accidentally shorted the V+ supply on one of the
:) > 10-pin
:) > > headers to ground.  Afterwards, the STK500 still works fine but
:) > programming
:) > > is excruciatingly slow. It's as if the board is no longer capable of
:) > > whatever high-speed serial communication it normally uses for
:) > programming,
:) > > but is falling back to something like 1200 baud

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