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[TUI-News] 0.9.4 Stable released!

From: Simon A. Erat
Subject: [TUI-News] 0.9.4 Stable released!
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2015 19:09:10 +0100

Actually it is the preview  release for 'tui' to accept the command names without dashes as arguments to execute them.

tui-bol-dir /fails

can also be executed like:
tui bol dir /fails

- Stable
* Updated: YASSI configuration
* Updated: tui, now takes arguments to pass to its commands (alpha-preview)
* Updated: tui-progress, reset was too low
* Updated: docs/samples/tui_progress
* Updated: docs/samples/* (but not template) are executable to be listed

- Alpha (log from)
* Changed: Within all bins /dev/zero to /dev/null
* Removed: Symlinks of backwards compatibility: tui-cat and tui-printf
* Updated: tui-print, hopefully fixed wrong placed error 'option not found'
* Updated: tui-status, better aligned status output, were over-corrected
* Updated: tui-echo, set '-e' as default (doUnderstand=true)

Simon A. Erat (sea)
FAS: sea
IRC: seasc

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