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RE : [Tsp-devel] Alignment error on VxWorks

From: Arquer Stephane
Subject: RE : [Tsp-devel] Alignment error on VxWorks
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 15:50:27 +0100

I met the same problem during TSP Rtems port in using BB Tsp. I use a Leon microprocessor based on Sparc, I think your are on the same architecture.
 The problem occur when you want to access unaligned variables. With a sparc architechture you need to have data aligned on 32 bits adresses understand terminating by 0,4,8 or C. But the variables greater than 32 bits coded on at least  64 bits (doubles int64 ...) need to be aligned on adresses aligned by 64 bits ( terminating by 0 or 8 only).
The solution is to modify the BB to copy the data byte by byte to avoid this problem.
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Objet : [Tsp-devel] Alignment error on VxWorks

 Hi TSP,

I have a list of differents kind of symbols (char ,int8, int16, double ....) to publish in the BB (under vxworks).Everything works fine until I want to access the pointers returned by bb_simple_publish and especially in a config like this (tab is an array of pointer on void):

*(double*) tab[i] = a
*(double*) tab[i+1]=b
*(int16*)   tab[i+2]= c
*(double*) tab[i+3]= d   <--- here is the line which throw "alignment error"

No problem when there is an even number of int16 pointer .

I remember (when I check the tsp-devel archive) , during the Rtems port , there was a memory alignment probem.
Do you think this is the same problem ?

I solved the issue in using only 32 or 64 bits symbols but this is not optimal.Any idea to make it better ?

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