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[Tsp-devel] [bug #24774] Targa

From: Stef Euskadi
Subject: [Tsp-devel] [bug #24774] Targa
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 21:59:36 +0100

Good Evening all.

Subject :
- 1/ TARGA "Cannot start dynamic plot process" message,
- 2/ Problem with eXceed

Sorry for the delay, but I am temporarily away from the TSP project for a while.
I will be back by the end of January, I promise.

This does not prevent me from giving you few information about the 2 problems.

1/ "Cannot start dynamic plot process" message.

I agree, this could be better and I will try to improve that kind of error/warning messages.
When you press the big green button, the targa kernel asks every plot if it has sufficient
information to properly work. This message appears because one of the graphic plots
has not enough data to perform its jobs.

The text-plot is quite simple and cannot be the source of the message, whereas the
2D-plot may be. I think that a 2D-plot has been created by dropping a variable either on
the X-axis (lower-right part) or on the Y-axis (upper-left part), but NOT on the 2 as it
is mandatory before it can properly work.

Can you check that for me ? do not forget to drop one variable on the X-axis and several
others on the Y-axis before starting the sampling process.

2/ Problem with eXceed.

Color management is one the big issues in graphic applications. By default, targa requires
a <<PseudoColor>> mode for allocating the colormap. It could by better in the future.
So it is a good idea to let eXceed choose for you by selecting the auto-detect mode. Another
good choice is PseudoColor, but avoid TrueColor mode.

See you next year...

The Targa-Guru

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