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RE : RE : [Tsp-devel] failure provider link on TSP_consumer_requ est_sa

From: ZXOPESOGE001, Ext
Subject: RE : RE : [Tsp-devel] failure provider link on TSP_consumer_requ est_sample()
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 11:37:31 +0200


For my problem with TSP_consumer_request_sample(), i try  to do a step by step 
run inside a debugger
in order to see what happen after the buggy statement.In this way, i may be 
find the problem.
In tsp_consumer.c :
line 997 -> segmentation fault when i do the line > TSP_SSIList_copy(symbols, 
In fact, the prevous line 991 > ans_sample = TSP_request_sample(&req_sample, 
otsp->server); ->probably return ans_sample=NULL

Moreover, i try to test a failure  provider link during a 
To test that i have use this code:
    result = TSP_consumer_request_close(_scoe);
    MSG_TRACE(INOUT_LOW, "TSP_consumer_request_close" << result);
      MSG_SW_ERROR("SCOE " << MSG_PTR(_scoeName) << " : Function 
TSP_consumer_request_close failed ");

I have the TSP error   --> 
 : RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset by peer
That's OK but the result returns by TSP_consumer_request_close() is 
May be a retcode is not update in TSP_consumer_request_close() in tsp_consumer.c

if you have time, can you correct the TSP code. 

thank you in advance 

-----Original Message-----
From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of Eric Noulard
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 9:36 AM
To: Transport Sample Protocol development list
Subject: Re: RE : [Tsp-devel] failure provider link on 

2007/4/25, ZXOPESOGE001, Ext <address@hidden>:
> My problem is that the TSP_consumer_request_sample function returns

> no status.
> My code is the following:
>       MSG_TRACE(INOUT_LOW, "avt TSP_consumer_request_sample ");
>       result = TSP_consumer_request_sample(_scoe,symbolsList);
>       MSG_TRACE(INOUT_LOW, "aps TSP_consumer_request_sample "<< result );
>       if( TSP_STATUS_ERROR_SYMBOLS == result || TSP_STATUS_OK == result )
>       {
>          //add available symbol to EIF internal list and  add bad symbols to 
> errorList
>          _acqParamList->addAvailableSymbol(symbolsList,freq,errorList);
>       }
>       else
>       {
>          MSG_SW_ERROR("SCOE " << MSG_PTR(_scoeName) << " : 
> TSP_consumer_request_sample failed" );
>         throw OCEIF_TSP_Exception(OCEIF_TSP_ADDPARAM_PB_IDNB,
>                                   OCEIF_TSP_ADDPARAM_PB_NAME,
>                                   OCEIF_TSP_ADDPARAM_PB_REASON);
>       }
> My problen is that i never have the msg trace ""aps 
> TSP_consumer_request_sample " and in this way i have not the status of the 
> request.And then, i can't throw my exception....
> My last trace is a TSP trace :(STRACE_DEBUG =7)

OK then you have to file a bug in Savannah with just that.
You may add url the ML archive:

I currently do not have much time to reproduce and track this bug
may be someone else out there may investigate?

Nevertheless if you do not see any trace after the request_sample statement
the thread running that code should have died?

Is your application multi-threaded or multi-process?
If yes did you call any of the:
and the like function

Did you try to do a step by step run inside a debugger
in order to see what happen after the buggy statement?

> > TSP 
> > Request||/home/intocv61/VAla/TSP/sources/src/core/driver/tsp_consumer.c##TSP_consumer_request_sample##978:
> >   
> > ERROR||/home/intocv61/VAla/TSP/sources/src/core/rpc/tsp_client.c##TSP_request_sample##252:
> >  : RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection reset by pee


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