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Re: RE : [Tsp-devel] TSP 0.8.3, when ? possibly soon?

From: Eric Noulard
Subject: Re: RE : [Tsp-devel] TSP 0.8.3, when ? possibly soon?
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 16:09:41 +0200

2007/4/23, TSP <address@hidden>:

Hello all !

I got a good question from users inside my society : Yes the comming 0.8.3 is 
great, but what are the goodies and bug fix compare to the 0.8.2 ?

I can imagine some by browsing the last tsp-devel mail and the bug fixes, but 
there is no global change logging.

The release message of TSP has always (as far as I remember)
included some concise words about what was new/fixes etc... in each release.

The file


contains the bugixes, etc... for each release.

from TSP 0.8.2 and on there is an exhaustive list of CVS changes
in the
tsp/ChangeLog file.

And I don't even speak about non-regression tests ...

The release procedure has been recently documented (hum...)

and a the release has been prepared by Fred D. and not by me
in order to evaluate the process and distribute the load.

So as you see we are on the road for better release process.
Regarding fully-automated regression tests, we all are convinced
we want it any contribution are welcome :))

[Fred already posted dtest on this list and I'm working on it
but any support is welcomed]

As a side-note Open Source software user should keep in mind
that the process of using Open Source software should include
support be it time or money.


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