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Re: [Tsp-devel] TSP 0.8.3, when ? possibly soon?

From: Stephane Galles
Subject: Re: [Tsp-devel] TSP 0.8.3, when ? possibly soon?
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 08:50:52 -0400
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Selon Eric Noulard <address@hidden>:

> I think we could state that (in Version.Readme):
>         - XML-RPC command channel in mainstream        - FredD-->Caribou
Yes, it's OK

>         - Update Rubytsp for multi-type, Array etc...           - Caribou
OK too


> May be Stephane can check if the current CVS is still OK for him
> for an XMLRPC build and rubytsp check?
> (may the continuous build server would have warned us?)

Yes, it would have warned us (both for the vanilla build and the xmlrpc
build on i386). However It does not check that the the Ruby client lib still 
but I assume everything should be OK. I'll check tonight, we never know.

> Nevertheless I'm Ok for this (world-awaited) 0.8.3.

I'm OK too.

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> Erk
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