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Re: Suggestion: Add optional-templates to the manual

From: Ineiev
Subject: Re: Suggestion: Add optional-templates to the manual
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 12:55:59 +0400
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Hello, Dora!

On 06/29/2014 03:36 PM, Dora Scilipoti wrote:
> On 29/06/2014 09:57, Ineiev wrote:
>> [...] the regular translators
>> should know how to start a "New Translation", and that page now has
>> a reference to optional templates.
> I think you are asking too much if you expect "regular" translators to read
> the GNUN manual.

They may not read it all, but they should know how to start a new
translation, how to fill the header and what to do with GNUN slots
(unless some more regular translator does it for them, which means
that they are not really regular).

> Why not simply say that they need to ignore the .opt
> extension and treat it as a normal .pot?

Because they should know more GNUN-specific things, or needn't know
it, depending on their involvement.

> Then, if you really want to, you
> can add a link to the GNUN manual for further insight.

There are links, both in 'Submitting as PO' and in 'PO Files'.

>> I don't think they are aware there are such things as optional templates
>> or any templates at all; the .note class is orthogonal to using SSIs,
>> and it wouldn't help maintain the same text that should show up in many
>> places.
>> The thing is that this "optional" template is not really optional. If it is
> not translated, it will insert a piece of English text on a translated
> page, which is not desirable.

This applies to all templates, including planetfeeds;
optional templates are includes that can't show up in every translation,
so when a new team is added, the prospective co-ordinator doesn't
need to translate them at once.

> Plus, I don't think the FSF considers this to
> be optional, I think they consider it important (it's donation-oriented.)

Until they have an idea of optional templates, no their considerations
can be sane.

If they really care, they could have discussed it with webmasters
beforehand (which is not too late to do yet).

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