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Errors found while checking as HTML5: gnu30/gnu30.html

From: Joeko
Subject: Errors found while checking as HTML5: gnu30/gnu30.html
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 14:38:11 +0200
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Hi Pavel,

There’s some kind of trouble in gnu30.html (line 149)

  <textarea rows="2" readonly>    […]

GNUN (local) currently disgorges:
> GNUN (local) Element textarea was declared #PCDATA but contains non
text nodes
>  element textarea: validity error : Element textarea does not carry
attribute cols
> /tmp/gnun.1.LSwIYv does not validate against

Ok, 'cols="nn"' missed but there’s no validation error with W3C’s Markup
Validation Service.
(ok, it’s experimental) ;)

Can you confirm the matter, or is it local?
(There is another error, about which I informed rsiddharth, too.)


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