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Re: Make GNUN more user-friendly

From: Ineiev
Subject: Re: Make GNUN more user-friendly
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2013 17:33:12 +0400
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On 09/02/2013 04:51 PM, Thérèse Godefroy wrote:
Le lundi 02 septembre 2013 à 10:05 +0400, Ineiev a écrit :
Nonetheless I'll try to check whether we can run it on a server.

Then GNUN will become a SASS!   lol

No: first, we'll only provide it for our volunteers; second,
it is questionable whether the computing is non-trivial.

Might be a good idea, though, because people wouldn't have to worry
about installing it. But the modified PO files would have to be uploaded
the "easy" way, meaning via the browser, not CVS, otherwise no non-geek
translator would ever use the facility.

Sure thing.

Besides, one has to take the connection speed into account. How long
would it take for a person living in a remote French village, with a
6km-long, rotten ADSL subscriber line (not my case, don't worry), to
upload (385.6kB) and get the HTML back? Certainly more
than 3 seconds, I would think.

On the other hand, it is certainly less than 20MB needed to checkout
a selective CVS working copy (I do realize that it may be checked out
via a sneaker net, it may be done once per a session or less often, etc).

And what about the recurrent overload of some backbones in the Boston

I don't think this may add any significant load; there are few active

              DL (Mb/s)               UL (Mb/s)
Boston        0,92 and 1.27           0.85

If those are Mbits/s, then gzipped PO would upload in a second,
and the page would download even faster, and typical page size is 10k,
so the speed shouldn't be an issue in this case.

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