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Selective checkout of www

From: Thérèse Godefroy
Subject: Selective checkout of www
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2013 09:27:08 +0200

Hello Ineiev,

You seemed to be interested in checking out a selected portion of the
www repository. Attached are 2 versions of the same script:
mini-www-checkout and micro-www-checkout. 

The mini www allows the "big" GNUmakefile to generate a complete page.
(This is only theoretical, because I never saw a complete page being
generated locally, even with the complete setup; the includes don't show
up, and it is just as well because I don't need them for proofreading.
So the actual result is the same as with batch-transvalidate.)

The micro www is sufficient for batch-transvalidate and the targets of

The mini-www-checkout reminds me of a mother who is picking her baby's
toys all over the floor (no offense intended, I know this has historical
reasons). :)

For the French translations,
- the mini www contains 1954 items (files + folders) and weighs 21.3 MB,
- the micro www contains 1536 items and weighs 20.6 MB.

Best regards,

Attachment: mini-www-checkout
Description: application/shellscript

Attachment: micro-www-checkout
Description: application/shellscript

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