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Re: untranslated message

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Re: untranslated message
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 20:14:42 +0200
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Ineiev wrote:
> >> Another instance of untranslated message:
> >> /software/
> ...
> > The same problem with /philosophy/
> (Has evidently been resolved via touching the original HTML;

Yes, that's what I did, but I don't think it is "resolving" the issue.

It's a pitty I couldn't find the real cause of it.  The most probable
reason is Savannah downtime(s), when the CVS repositories were
subsequently restored (and timestamps of some of the files reverted).
However, to prove this theory I have to dig into the Savannah archives
and compare the times, and I definitely don't have the time to do it
these days.

It's also possible that it's due to a human error (naturally -- mine),
as I used to `touch' files in the working copy in the past for various
reasons, and I could have done the wrong thing sometimes (e.g.,
intention was supposed to be to `touch' .proto or .html, but I went up
doing it on `.pot's instead -- that would result in the hiccup you
observe, as `make' would treat the .pot up-to-date although in
reality it is not).

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