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Re: Selectively localized images [was: [ #604705] self-inconsiste

From: Ineiev
Subject: Re: Selectively localized images [was: [ #604705] self-inconsistent...]
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 00:36:14 -0800

On 12/28/10, Yavor Doganov <address@hidden> wrote:
> Thanks, but I'm reluctant to consider this approach, unless it is
> really the final resort.
> There should be no reason to add the whole junk in the .po, e.g.
>   msgid "<!-- translate this image --> <img src=\"foo.png\" alt=\"\" />"
> The possibility for a mistake on translators' part is significant.
> Plus, it probably wont' work if <img> is within another top-level
> element.  And, last but not least, it's going to be a nuisance.
> What I'm thinking about is automatic prepending of .LANG (if the file
> exists) without translator's intervention.  I'm not sure how it should
> be done exactly; please give me some time.

Recent discussion on www-ru-list
made me wonder whether it could be done via MultiViews:;
(I'm sorry, some messages are not readable unless you download
the whole archive in mbox format).

Just a thought.

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