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gnu-linux-faq: hard to parse expressions

From: ineiev
Subject: gnu-linux-faq: hard to parse expressions
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 20:29:45 +0000
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When working on a translation of the GNU/Linux FAQ we found some
hard phrases; we doubted whether they were typos or we just
failed to parse them.

Unfortunately, our team has not recruited
any native English speakers yet,
so I'm writing to the list in hope someone can help us.

The first one is
"Most everyone in developed countries really does know "

Is it "mostly everyone" or a high degree of "everyone" (which
is not very usual)?

The second one,
"If the Linux User Group in your area has the
problems describe above, we suggest you either campaign within the
group to change its orientation (and name) or start a new group."

Note the "describe". Is it misspelled "described" or a construct
I'm unaware of?


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