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view-fuzzy beta version ready

From: George Zarkadas
Subject: view-fuzzy beta version ready
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 01:04:37 +0200

The script is in beta now, and have already passed all po files in philosophy (and gnu) subtrees with reasonable speed and no obvious at first sight errors.

Available at:

All wdiff options that make sense are supported as well as custom wdiff executables. Common options can be set by env vars; see --help for details.

As I see it, there are two main uses:

1. View quickly all changes in fuzzy records in a set of files in a terminal window; for example:

[wdiff style]: view-fuzzy -ap /some-path/www/gnu/po/*.xx.po
[with color ]: view-fuzzy -h c -a /some-path/www/gnu/po/*.xx.po

2. Merge diff with the initial po file to produce a file that can be edited with emacs or any po-editor that can display comments; so that highlighted changes are visible while editing the file. For example:

view-fuzzy -m -o dest-file src-file
or even:
view-fuzzy -m -o src-file src-file

In addition, when we are certain that no spurious errors may result in data loss of the original file's msgids and msgstrs, then I believe it will be relatively easy to incorporate in the team's GNUmakefile a repository update mode that will automatically merge the diffs in local team's po files. What's your opinion about this?

G. Zarkadas

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