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From: George Zarkadas
Subject: additions (transferred from trans-coord-discuss)
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 16:17:44 +0200

Hi all,

I know I am running a bit fast these days, but I have to inform you for an update that may save your time (either on testing or on commenting back).

To solve the performance issue of per-char-diff mode (and also the unecessary marking of whitespace changes), I implemented it in C, adding a new {-c, --char} option in wdiff. This has the nice side-effect that overstrike mode when paging through less and all other wdiff features are supported also. See:

Consequences for the tool that is the subject of this thread:

1.  The chardiff script will eventually be dropped; the modified wdiff executable will replace it. Only view-fuzzy will remain, where I also intend to merge the awk scripts inside, in order to have the entire tool in just one file.

2.  Any testing of existing sources should be done with the -d w option, to save time.

3.  The default options will probably change; some possible new options:
-- wdiff -ap ... to show underline|bold in pager
-- wdiff -p ... | less -r  to show both color and underline|bold in pager.

I will start working on those modifications, while waiting your feedback.

G. Zarkadas

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