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Preparations for release

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Preparations for release
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 21:25:38 +0200
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Please test the tarball at

Here is a summary of the changes as a result of the autoconfiscation:

* GNUmakefile includes, which contains all the variables
  computed during `./configure'.  As a result, only will be in
  www (plus the generic.xx.html, of course).  All users (including me
  at fencepost) will configure and install the package in the normal
  way, and will copy GNUmakefile and into their working
  copies (/server/gnun, naturally).
* All programs are installed at /usr/local/libexecdir/gnun by default,
  except `validate-html' which should end up at /usr/local/bin.
* The trans-coord build will use the the files as they are in the
  repository, because we want to test the versions there, i.e. not the
  released versions.
* If the DTDs are not available, the included in the package ones
  should be installed at /usr/local/share/gnun.  `validate-html'
  ought to use them automatically.

How/what to test:

* Configuration on as many hosts as possible.
* All the standard targets -- clean, distclean, install, etc. (`make
  distcheck' passes for me).
* The trans-coord build:
  Simply do a `cvs export' (or `update').  Everything should work.
* The www build:
  Remove all files at server/gnun, except generic.xx.html and  Then, after installing the gnun package, copy GNUmakefile
  and to server/gnun.
* All the above with the system-wide DTDs present and absent.

Known issues:

1) While working on the autoconf DTD test, I discovered that we're not
validating articles properly, that's why there are probably many that
are not valid (see license-list, for example).  Currently whatsnew
does not validate, I'll fix the xslt directly in www.

2) When you type `make' repeatedly, the ghost is
always rebuilt.  I'll think about how to fix this.

Let me know if there are issues or inconsistencies.  I'll do some more
cleanups and will propose the package to the GNU Eval team soon.


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