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Re: Adding new articles to GNUN

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Re: Adding new articles to GNUN
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 10:33:50 +0200

В ср, 2008-01-30 в 10:22 +0200, Kaloian Doganov написа:
>    1. Add the corresponding entries in
>    2. Add java-trap.html and sun-in-night-time.html in philosophy/.
>    3. Commit.

Yes.  1) will be done by the web-translators staff, 2) and 3) are only
necessary in our case.

>    4. Wait for fencepost to generate corresponding POTs; update.
>    5. Add and in philosophy/po/.
>    6. Commit.
>    7. Wait for fencepost to generate the Bulgarian articles in HTML.

> Or may be I could add the original English articles along with their
> corresponding Bulgarian POs in one pass at p.2?

You may, but it is better to test the natural operation.

Please make sure you add the last revision of the original .html
articles.  When yanking your translations in the POs, it is vitally
important that they match the original strings.  IOW, try to be certain
that an update didn't sneak in unnoticed; once the PO files are
committed, changes will be tracked automatically, but if your initial PO
file is not 100% matched with the original, this will do harm.

(Also, please add a ChangeLog entry only for

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