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Re: Variables for tools

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Re: Variables for tools
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 12:31:56 +0200

В вт, 2008-01-29 в 07:59 +0200, Kaloian Doganov написа:
> If you do not see any reason too, then we should "devariable"
> those two utilities.

Also SED, I'd say.  The po4a and gettext ones should stay, and probably
M4 since fencepost has the rather buggy 1.4.4 release.  OTOH, we use
only basic macros, so we may as well get rid of it.

I'll do it tonight, if you don't object.

(One interesting aspect related to this discussion is the `autotools'
item in TODO.  I don't think it's very important at this stage, but if
we go on that route, most of these variables should stay as @FOO@ in
say,, and substituted by Autoconf, because on some hosts m4
is gm4 or we may use features that are available since a specific
release of the program in question.  For now, the task is to get the
thing running reliably at and our own machines --
which are definitely not Solaris, AIX or some castrated BSD-ish

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