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Re: Support for VCS operations

From: Kaloian Doganov
Subject: Re: Support for VCS operations
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2008 20:59:24 +0200
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Yavor Doganov <address@hidden> writes:

    It will still be useful.  `make' by default will not do any VCS
    operation, `make VCS=yes' will always do the right thing provided it
    is run in the same working copy in "daemon" mode (i.e. that will be
    the option for the fencepost script), and `make VCS=always' will be
    slower, but still OK in some unusual situations.

Sounds reasonable.

    P.S.  I regret that we started the project in Subversion and now we
    have to make various workarounds just to make it build.  Due to the
    internal implementation differences between CVS and Subversion we
    cannot be absolutely sure now that GNUN is the GNUN we think it is.

Let me remind you that we've decided to use an existing infrastructure
(not only installed Subversion server, but also an existing repository)
only because we didn't wanted to bother with those issues at the time.
We've just wanted to develop our ideas a little more and see whether
this would be a viable path to follow.

So, it looks like it's time to switch to CVS.  We can set up one on
Corellia, or may be we can use the trans-coord repository on Savannah.
I see there is already a `graveyard' module there, may be we can add

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