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[] r310 -

From: Corellia
Subject: [] r310 -
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 12:40:31 +0200

Author: yavor
Date: Wed Dec 12 12:40:28 2007
New Revision: 310

(Present bugs): A comment that the .xx.html file is generated should
be present in all of them.
(Expected problems): Delete the note about the Html module, no longer
(Non-essential): Remove the entry about the check-translations script.
New entry for notices about translations that are not complete.


---   (original)
+++   Wed Dec 12 12:40:28 2007
@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@
+* Put a warning like <!-- Automatically generated... --> at the
+  begining of each .xx.html file.
 General (when bugs are fixed)
@@ -43,9 +46,6 @@
 Expected problems
-* Check if the html module is doing a good job for the templates wrt
-  inline elements.
 * make-prototype.scm uses a regexp to split the articles in pieces.
   That regexp might not fit to all articles, that's why it has to be
   tested with as many as possible.
@@ -57,20 +57,12 @@
-* Write a script to check the completeness of the translations per
-  language, so that a team leader can do
-  $ cd prep/i18n
-  $ ./ ru
-  to get the status.
 * Implement a `report' target that would be language specific and will
   output the state of all files for a language team, and extended
   `full-report' that will check the activity of all teams for a
   certain period.  For language teams, a `msgfmt --statistics'-similar
   output would be sufficient, as a start (probably omiting files that
-  are 100% complete).
+  are 100% complete).  (This could be done with a script too.)
 * It would be nice to add some preprocessing logic to include specific
   HTML comments into the POT, like:
@@ -101,3 +93,15 @@
   Upon successful make && commit, this log file will be deleted.  In
   case of failure, it will not be deleted so that the accumulated
   messages will be used in the next run.
+* Figure out how to "inject" a language-specific warning, possibly
+  from /prep/i18n/outdated.xx.html that will be displayed when the
+  page has 20% (or more) messages untranslated.  We have to think also
+  about a deprecation plan for all translated pages, and
+  whether this software can help sorting all issues out.  Idea: We can
+  use the comment <!-- Automatically generated... --> to add a fake
+  #include directive, which will tell Apache that this page is OK, but
+  in its absence will direct to a separate page (like 404) with a
+  a notice that the translation is very outdated and links/options
+  like 1) Visit the English article; 2) Visit the translation anyway;
+  3) Help the Foo translation team; 4) Whatever we decide.

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