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Re: sh -c 'whoami' gives permission error in docker container and puts m

From: ParetoOptimalDev
Subject: Re: sh -c 'whoami' gives permission error in docker container and puts me in weird prompt/subshell
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2023 18:02:18 -0500
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Michael Albinus <> writes:

> If you like, you could give me a guest account on your machine, and I
> would debug. Not the next days (you know, Eastern, family on board), but
> let's say in a week or so.

Can I provide you with a qcow2 image runnable by qemu?

Also. I finally got my debian virtual machine working and I couldn't
reproduce with:

- debian installing from source
- installing the nix package manager on debian

It's only reproducible with NixOS for some reason.

This leads me to belive that tramp in some way depends on the linux
filesystem hierarchy standard or some similar thing that NixOS doesn't

I can provide you with a qcow image with emacs from source installed
that reproduces the issue if that's acceptable for debugging.

I couldn't quickly think of ways to ensure my comfort in giving remote access.

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