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Re: Basic questions about using Tramp

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Basic questions about using Tramp
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2023 09:31:22 +0100
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David Karr <> writes:

Hi David,

> Ok, that also worked.  I guess that means there's something in my .
> emacs or loaded packages that is conflicting with this?
> I guess I can attach my .emacs file, which has been evolving literally
> over decades without my really knowing what I'm doing. I also went
> into "Manage Packages", copied the text out of that list, and flushed
> all the "available" lines, leaving the ones that are installed or
> dependencies.

I've checked shortly your .emacs and the installed packages, but there's
nothing obvious preventing Tramp to work.

So I recommend bisecting. Deactivate all installed packages, for example
by "chmod 000 ~/.emacs.d/elpa/*". Comment half of your .emacs, and start
Emacs loading a remote file, again.

If it works, uncomment the commented part of your .emacs, and
comment the other part. Start again.

If it doesn't work, continue bisecting the active part of your .emacs.

If there's nothing in your .emacs, activate one package after the other
in ~/.emacs.d/elpa, and check whether Tramp works.

Something like this.

Best regards, Michael.

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