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Re: Basic questions about using Tramp

From: David Karr
Subject: Re: Basic questions about using Tramp
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2023 12:15:48 -0800

Ok, that also worked.  I guess that means there's something in my .emacs or loaded packages that is conflicting with this?

I guess I can attach my .emacs file, which has been evolving literally over decades without my really knowing what I'm doing. I also went into "Manage Packages", copied the text out of that list, and flushed all the "available" lines, leaving the ones that are installed or dependencies.

  bash-completion                20180303.1144  installed             BASH completion for the shell buffer
  go-mode                        20200331.407   installed             Major mode for the Go programming language
  magit                          20180527.658   installed             A Git porcelain inside Emacs.
  typescript-mode                20181018.553   installed             Major mode for editing typescript
  async                          20180527.1030  dependency            Asynchronous processing in Emacs
  dash                           20180413.30    dependency            A modern list library for Emacs
  ghub                           20180417.1527  dependency            minuscule client library for the Github API
  git-commit                     20180411.1649  dependency            Edit Git commit messages
  let-alist                      1.0.5          dependency            Easily let-bind values of an assoc-list by their names
  magit-popup                    20180509.1041  dependency            Define prefix-infix-suffix command combos
  with-editor                    20180414.757   dependency            Use the Emacsclient as $EDITOR
  allout                         2.3            built-in              extensive outline mode for use alone and with other modes
  allout-widgets                 1.0            built-in              Visually highlight allout outline structure.
  ansi-color                     3.4.2          built-in              translate ANSI escape sequences into faces
  antlr-mode                     2.2.3          built-in              major mode for ANTLR grammar files
  auth-source-pass               5.0.0          built-in              Integrate auth-source with password-store
  backtrace                      1.0            built-in              generic major mode for Elisp backtraces
  cc-mode                        5.33.1         built-in              major mode for editing C and similar languages
  cedet                          2.0            built-in              Setup CEDET environment
  cfengine                       1.4            built-in              mode for editing Cfengine files
  cl-generic                     1.0            built-in              CLOS-style generic functions for Elisp
  cl-lib                         1.0            built-in              Common Lisp extensions for Emacs
  cl-print                       1.0            built-in              CL-style generic printing
  ebnf2ps                        4.4            built-in              translate an EBNF to a syntactic chart on PostScript
  ede                            1.2            built-in              Emacs Development Environment gloss
  ediff                          2.81.6         built-in              a comprehensive visual interface to diff & patch
  eieio                          1.4            built-in              Enhanced Implementation of Emacs Interpreted Objects
  eieio-core                     1.4            built-in              Core implementation for eieio
  eldoc                          1.11.0         built-in              Show function arglist or variable docstring in echo area
  epg                            1.0.0          built-in              the EasyPG Library
  erc                            5.4            built-in              An Emacs Internet Relay Chat client
  eshell                         2.4.2          built-in              the Emacs command shell
  faceup                         0.0.6          built-in              Markup language for faces and font-lock regression testing
  feedmail                       11             built-in              assist other email packages to massage outgoing messages
  find-cmd                       0.6            built-in              Build a valid find(1) command with sexps
  flymake                        1.2.2          built-in              A universal on-the-fly syntax checker
  flymake-proc                   1.0            built-in              Flymake backend for external tools
  foldout                        1.10           built-in              folding extensions for outline-mode and outline-minor-mode
  gnus                           5.13           built-in              a newsreader for GNU Emacs
  htmlfontify                    0.21           built-in              htmlize a buffer/source tree with optional hyperlinks
  idlwave                        6.1.22         built-in              IDL editing mode for GNU Emacs
  image-dired                    0.4.11         built-in              use dired to browse and manipulate your images
  info-xref                      3              built-in              check external references in an Info document
  isearchb                       1.5            built-in              a marriage between iswitchb and isearch
  js                             9              built-in              Major mode for editing _javascript_
  json                           1.5            built-in              _javascript_ Object Notation parser / generator
  jsonrpc                        1.0.14         built-in              JSON-RPC library
  let-alist                      1.0.6          built-in              Easily let-bind values of an assoc-list by their names
  map                            3.2.1          built-in              Map manipulation functions
  meta-mode                      1.0            built-in              major mode for editing Metafont or MetaPost sources
  mh-e                           8.6snapshot    built-in              GNU Emacs interface to the MH mail system
  mixal-mode                     0.4            built-in              Major mode for the mix asm language.
  nadvice                        1.0            built-in              Light-weight advice primitives for Elisp functions
  ntlm                           2.1.0          built-in              NTLM (NT LanManager) authentication support
  org                            9.5.5          built-in              Outline-based notes management and organizer
  package                        1.1.0          built-in              Simple package system for Emacs
  printing                       6.9.3          built-in              printing utilities
  project                        0.8.1          built-in              Operations on the current project
  ps-mode                        1.1.9          built-in              PostScript mode for GNU Emacs
  ps-print                       7.3.5          built-in              print text from the buffer as PostScript
  pulse                          1.0            built-in              Pulsing Overlays
  python                         0.28           built-in              Python's flying circus support for Emacs
  ruby-mode                      1.2            built-in              Major mode for editing Ruby files
  semantic                       2.2            built-in              Semantic buffer evaluator.
  seq                            2.23           built-in              Sequence manipulation functions
  so-long                        1.1.2          built-in              Say farewell to performance problems with minified code.
  soap-client                    3.2.0          built-in              Access SOAP web services
  sql                            3.6            built-in              specialized comint.el for SQL interpreters
  srecode                        1.2            built-in              Semantic buffer evaluator.
  svg                            1.1            built-in              SVG image creation functions
  tabulated-list                 1.0            built-in              generic major mode for tabulated lists
  thunk                          1.0            built-in              Lazy form evaluation
  tildify                        4.6.1          built-in              adding hard spaces into texts
  tramp                     built-in              Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocol
  vera-mode                      2.28           built-in              major mode for editing Vera files
  verilog-mode                   2021.9.23.89128420 built-in              major mode for editing verilog source in Emacs
  viper                          3.14.2         built-in              A full-featured Vi emulator for Emacs
  whitespace                     13.2.2         built-in              minor mode to visualize TAB, (HARD) SPACE, NEWLINE
  xref                           1.3.0          built-in              Cross-referencing commands
  go-mode                        20190731.53    obsolete              Major mode for the Go programming language
  ebdb-i18n-chn                  1.3            incompat     gnu      China-specific internationalization support for EBDB

On Sun, Mar 5, 2023 at 10:55 AM Michael Albinus <> wrote:
David Karr <> writes:

Hi David,

> Ok, I've attached the gzipped output file, but what's curious is that
> although this tramp call fails when I do it interactively, this
> command line you specified works. At the end of it, I see the correct
> content of the file in that emacs window. I had also tried manually
> doing "set-variable" and setting "tramp-verbose" to "10" and then
> redoing the interactive call, but it still times out.

Yep, the traces look fine.

Then try this interactively. Call "emacs -Q", and then in Emacs "C-x C-f
/ssh:<myuserid>@<hostname>:~/.bash_profile". Does this work?

Best regards, Michael.

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