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[BUG] tramp (2.5.3-pre HEAD/284851265423e875d6de963922f3deb536aa2882); t

From: Lin Sun
Subject: [BUG] tramp (2.5.3-pre HEAD/284851265423e875d6de963922f3deb536aa2882); tramp-repository-version/tramp-repository-branch variables cause git be invoked
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2022 19:47:07 +0000


The const variables tramp-repository-version/tramp-repository-branch will
be initialized with simply (request 'tramp), it chains request "trampver.el".

These two variables it initialized with invoking the `git' program. When
someone (request 'tramp) -> (request 'trampvar), it will cause the 'git'
be invoked twice.

For most of scenario, people don't use these two variables (except
report a tramp bug), always invoking the "git" on initialization is a
wast on performance.

And, it also will trigger an error message when "git" not in the PATH:
> Error running git rev-parse --abbrev-ref: (file-missing "Searching for
> program" "no such file or directory" "git")

No git invoking on the tramp-repository-version/tramp-repository-branch
initializing will help on performance and avoid the error message.

Please help fix this issue. Thanks

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