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Re: hang forever with an invalid tramp filename

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: hang forever with an invalid tramp filename
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 22:40:44 +0100
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Thierry Volpiatto <address@hidden> writes:

>>> - tramp hang if i do (find-file "/ssh:toto")
>>>   (notice the last ":" is missing)
>>>   where toto is a valid hostname.
>>>   I think this should return an error and exiting instead of trying to
>>>   connect.
>>>   This is reproductible in emacs -Q with C-x C-f => /ssh:toto RET
>> "/ssh:toto" is a valid remote file name, with the host part being "ssh",
>> and the default method (likely "scp"). "toto" is the local file name on
>> the remote host.
> No i mean when toto is hostname, the right syntax is /ssh:toto: but not
> /ssh:toto and should not connect in this case.
> I return an error here in such case (i.e When user press ENTER on
> /ssh:toto) instead of hanging.

I know what you mean :-)

However, Tramp doesn't. It simply parses. "/ssh:toto" is a valid remote
file name, and Tramp behaves as instructed by you hitting ENTER ...

If you would hit TAB, Tramp would know that the remote file name is
(maybe) incomplete, and it would give "toto" a chance to be a host name.

Best regards, Michael.

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