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Re: write failed software caused connection abort

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: write failed software caused connection abort
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 21:17:44 +0100
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Terrence Brannon <address@hidden> writes:


> It seems that TRAMP cannot find ls --dired on my debian/testing
> machine (the machine I am connecting to) ... however it certainly is
> there:
> address@hidden:~$ ls --dired
> %backup%~  admin    downloads-deluge  install    prg            wares
> Mail       bin      emacs             java-home  set-java-home
>  wp-themes
> RMAIL      daemons  emacs-contrib     keep       tmp            wtf
> RMAIL~     domains  init.d            pranayama
> address@hidden:~$ 

Could you, please, check which ls is used on the remote host (in a shell
started by /bin/sh)?

# which ls

Furthermore, it might be interesting to know what happens if you apply
the following statements on your remote host in that shell:

# while read d; do if test -x $d/ls -a -f $d/ls; then echo tramp_executable 
$d/ls; break; fi; done <<'EOF'

Best regards, Michael.

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