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Re: ad-hoc multi-hop editing of remote files

From: Chris Withers
Subject: Re: ad-hoc multi-hop editing of remote files
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 07:17:13 +0100
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On 20/10/2011 12:57, Michael Albinus wrote:
Look at the syntax. It's horrible to parse, expecially when you want to
complete (like in ido-mode). Do you know exactly whether a substring is
meant as method, user name or host name? I don't.

One proposal was to require always a method name in case of multihops. I
don't know whether this will make things better.

Yeah, I think being explicit would be exactly what's needed.

Yes please, but proper ad-hoc, allowing specification of the transit
user, remote host and remote user all in one path. If there's anything
I can do to make that happen more quickly, please let me know...

I have no real idea how to achieve this, sorry. If you come with a
working solution you're welcome!


Why not to go the other direction, and make ido aware of proxy hosts?

Not sure what you mean by that, can you give an example?
the correct change log to be looking at? I hope not, since it doesn't
mention either proxies arriving or multi: going away...

For the Lisp code, you shall use

Okay, what's the other ChangeLog?

There are 3 ChangeLogs. "viewvc/tramp/ChangeLog" is for overall
makefiles and configuration scripts. "viewvc/tramp/lisp/ChangeLog" is
for the real Lisp code. And  "viewvc/tramp/texi/ChangeLog" is for the

Thanks for the explanation :-)



PS: How come still CVS as opposed to SVN or, better yet, Git?

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