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Re: Cannot connect with tramp when ssh works

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: Cannot connect with tramp when ssh works
Date: Sun, 09 Oct 2011 12:30:27 -0500
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Michael Albinus <address@hidden> writes:

> Harry Putnam <address@hidden> writes:
>> Setup:  Emacs-24 compiles with mingw
>>         Running on windows 7
>>         tramp version 2.2.1-pre
>>         plink version 0.60
>> I can connect to all machines on my lan but 1.  I use plink since ssh
>>   attempts from emacs have failed long ago.
>>   /plink:address@hidden:/
>> That works on all but 1.
> I guess it connects with native PuTTY, doesn't it?


> In this case, you might consider to use the Tramp method "plinkx", which
> requires as host name the plink session name.

Not sure what that is or how it might look, can show a brief example
of what you mean?

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