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legislator mudslinging

From: Gladys Rios
Subject: legislator mudslinging
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 15:37:56 -0500

Think of how I set out upon my journey so full ofwild, sweet hope! Maybe itll save you somethin of what Iwent through. The lonelyNovember twilight deepened into night. All before him seemed golden gleams andstreaks of sunset rose. Adam decided to wait and exchangegreetings with him. She was like a shy, wild young fawn; she was a dreaming, exuberant girl. Adam had an almost irresistible desire to run after Dismukes,to go with him. Thatemotion was of the distant past as was the vague peril of her approach. Think of my forty years of hell, that now has made me apart of the desert. What a joy to run and leap after the quarry! Through this thing Adam saw the almost inconceivable progress of menupward. He came down onone slope of his circle, to rise up on the other, and always he wenthigher. But he showed no more indication of emotion. Wansfell,like a horned-toad on the desert, I changed my outside at Frisco. And for all I know he may be a spiritof the wind. Thenshe caught the sound of Adams stifled gasp. Wondrously transparent she looked, for thesunlight seemed to shine through her! Its folly to think an toil an hopefor the future. The hours he had passed thus were innumerable. He wagged the huge, shaggy head that was nowgrey. He needed to be high above the desert, where hecould look down. Id be perfectly happy if I didnt have to spend half the daymending these old clothes. The lacey waterfall shone white and its murmur seemed music of manystreams. The lacey waterfall shone white and its murmur seemed music of manystreams. If I even picked up the long bull whip OldButch would scream and run to lay his head on me. They played a game of this sort, and to her hadgone most of the victories. An I go to Death Valley, but not toseek my fortune. He felt the glory ofhis beating heart, his throbbing pulse, his sight and all his sense. >From Paris I went to Rome, an there a queer state of mind came to me. The thinkingman he understood; all difficulty of the problem lay hid in this otherside of him. She was coming, and the sleepy shade awoke to a gleam and avoice. Dismukes was a man who could not be halted.

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