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From: Carjacked A. Offertory
Subject: Re:
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 10:51:13 -0700

V    L    C    V    X
i    e    i    a    a 
a    v    a    l    n 
g    i    l    i    a 
r    t    i    u    x 
a    r    s    m      

documents. I thought it a little showy myself, but it was 
than my teeth. I must have gone through that door without 
here in unmarried bliss with a girl named Zina. What I 
all the conviction I hadand a little moreto do it.
in advance for it, though I dont expect you to thank me. 
For quite a while; since soon after you came here, in 
frequencies. I keep a close watch on his affairs that 
Sit down, sit down, he mumbled, waving me towards a 
away as he ran out of the room. I talked to his vanishing 
Raid the mental hospitals and jails. Do that often enough 
it away, pushing me towards the door at the same time. It 
hemorrhage, shock… I wrote, died en route. This sounded 
Getting better all the time, he said, turning his head to 
reads likehad a lot to learn about signing papers. He had 
the police on my trail when I wasnt expecting them. The 
And daydreams arent part of getting away from the police.
cup again and this time I grabbed it and drained it.
decision. Just trying to help, chief, get things ready in 
steadily losing ground. By this time I had a general 
had done a good job. When I stood up Angelina was already 
criminal ring.An inspired master criminalwho apparently 
sardonically, and flick some imaginary dust from my 
If I couldnt crack outI could crack in. There had to be 
course to see in, so no one in the street had any real 
warped and changed.
could only have been conceived by a mind as brilliantly 
so I slipped over to the barred opening in the door and 
had been cut away. One of my silent friends had a warm 
imagine he was as full of petty larceny as Ferraro. No 
star made of paper. After licking it carefully and 
from the one our ancestors ruled. The League has sapped 
but a calculated one. The chances were good that Angelina 
that it has been erased. Angelina tricked me and got 
before for phono and optic bugs and it had been clear. 
started the survey at her anklesand she was quite 
moved to the door in the rear in order to lock it when 
pulled her to me, kissing her, knowing that this solved 
or threaten another ship, the element of chance would be 
repeat your own warningobey orders if you want to live. 
construction program to their own ends. Undoubtedly they 
operations had been. With the gadgetry and techniques I 
off. Only when it had been buried on top of the corpse 
Only one small factor was missing. Who was the man?
and jealous counts.I scowled straight at my guide as if 
and gave access to the steps to the basement. As I 
misty morn. She pointed to my manly chest, to the row of 
of dark desires that lies in our subconscious minds, but 
planet, after a very showy approach. I was already 
held against my chest to keep my center of gravity over 
ultimate moment of my maximum realization and despair she 
brew of regurgitants and lachrymatories. Its effect was 
eye out for assassins.This position had a certain 
gatherer in the local dialect, which gives you an idea of 
Yeahbut I got your message when you gave me a discharge. 
his own spine shouldnt have held him up. But he was still 
vidiphone. She blanked the video circuits and snapped a 
Chapter 15
chewing my cigar to pieces and cursing myself for being a 

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