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From: Prince Winston
Subject: Fwd: Re:
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 03:34:49 -0200

"Cant suture,she said. Only her eyes, those tarnished dimes, were fully alive under the shelf of her brow.

Not that Paul didnt try. When the rain began to fall, he had two hundred and sixty-seven pages of Miserys Return — first-draft stuff, sure, but he had scanned through it and thought it amazingly clean for a first. Like those swamis who toot their flutes until ropes come out of baskets and they climb the ropes and disappear. He remembered how she had imitated it, the way her upper lip had wrinkled toward her nose, how her cheeks had seemed to flatten, how she had actually looked like a pig for a moment: Whoink!

Although he knew it was too soon to be feeling any relief, he did feel it — having the pills, it seemed, was even more important than taking the pills. Cat languishes in cellar for two days.

Annie watched him for a long time, her heavy face unsmiling, moveless, but somehow satisfied. More than anything else, that buttoned coat suggested that Annie had been right: so far, this was just a routine check-back.

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