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Reminder: Confirm Your Credit or Debit Card

From: PayPal
Subject: Reminder: Confirm Your Credit or Debit Card
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2006 22:23:09 -0700


Reminder: Confirm Your Credit or Debit Card

Dear Customer,

This is a reminder that we need you to confirm your Credit or Debit Card.

PayPal will never reveal any of your financial information. From industry-leading security to extensive protection programs, PayPal is always working to safeguard you and your account. Only you can initiate transactions using your bank account, PayPal will remind you via email whenever there is a fund transfer from your account.

How To Confirm Your Credit or Debit Card

PayPal has made two small deposits into the bank account you registered. These deposits should appear on your Account Statement.

Log in to your PayPal account and enter the exact financial information required.

Why Confirm Your Credit or Debit Card?

It increases security
When you enter your exact financial information, you confirm that you are the owner of this bank account. This is because only you as the owner would have access to the exact amounts of the 2 deposits PayPal sent. This process increases the safety of the entire PayPal payments network.
Your PayPal account will become verified
Your PayPal account becomes verified once you confirm your financial information. With a verified account, there is no limit on the amount of money you can send through PayPal when you choose to make these payments using funds from your bank account.

When you confirm your financial information:
  • You will improve your reputation by letting others know you're a confirmed, Verfied member of the PayPal community
  • Your sending limit will be removed
  • You will be able to fund purchases directly from your checking or savings account, in addition to using credit cards
  • You will be able to add funds to your PayPal account directly from your bank account
  • You will be able to send money to friends, family, and PayPal Personal Account holders

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