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Re: at wivys

From: Ayomide Simeone
Subject: Re: at wivys
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 09:43:08 -0700

Best Se o llin d g W t atch l es :
Role e x Car u tier Brei a tling Bv h lgari Ome i ga Pate v k Phil u ippe , etc.

H b andba f gs & Pu g rse c s

N i eckti g es

TI p FFA d NY & CO Je b werl m y

Pe o ns

O z rde v r T o ODA z Y and sav g e 25 %




were more than six of us-and well, here are two more! Just at that
moment Balin and Dwalin appeared and bowed so low that their beards
swept the stone floor. The big man was frowning at first, but they did
their very best to be frightfully polite, and kept on nodding and
bending and bowing and waving their hoods before their knees (in proper
dwarf-fashion), till he stopped frowning and burst into a chuckling

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