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Re: to iobuc

From: Italo Billups
Subject: Re: to iobuc
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 13:23:50 -0700

SAV p E UP TO 5 s 0 % on your PH l AR d MACY !

V x IAGR r A $ 6 t 9,9 m 5 ( 10 t a abl n ets )

V r ALI v UM $ 1 u 05,4 h 5 ( 10 ta a bl o ets )

C t IALI o S $ 9 o 9,9 t 5 ( 10 t d ablet m s )

X v ANA t X $ 12 i 3,4 v 5 ( 30 t i ablet l s )

A n MBI e EN $ 6 q 8,0 y 0 ( 10 t g able l ts )

And m f any ot f her

hope they wont do anything nasty to him. When they got to the edge of
the circle of lights they pushed Bilbo suddenly from behind. Before he
had time to slip on his ring, he stumbled forward into the full blaze of
the fire and torches. It was no good. Out went all the lights again and
complete darkness fell. If it had been difficult collecting themselves
before, it was far worse this time. And they simply could not find the

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