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test qet

From: Edi Bice
Subject: test qet
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 00:26:41 -0700


V A L " U M
C " A L i S
X & N A X
V " A G R A
M E R " D i A
A M B " E N
S 0 M &
L E V " T R A
P R 0 Z & C

all 50 % off -

narrow place into the deep shadows on either side. He was feeling very
queer indeed in his head by this time after the dreadful adventures of
the last three days with next to nothing to eat, and he found himself
saying aloud: Now I know what a piece of bacon feels like when it is
suddenly picked out of the pan on a fork and put back on the shelf!
No you dont! be heard Dori answering, because the bacon knows

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