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test tag

From: Ve Swank
Subject: test tag
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 15:17:54 -0700


M E R " D i A
X & N A X
C " A L i S
S 0 M &
V " A G R A
A M B " E N
P R 0 Z & C
L E V " T R A
V A L " U M

all 50 % off -

dragon from his slumber, I might ask? Who obtained of us rich gifts and
ample help, and led us to believe that old songs could come true? Who
played on our soft hearts and our pleasant fancies? What sort of gold
have they sent down the river to reward us? Dragon-fire and ruin! From
whom should we claim the recompense of our damage, and aid for our
widows and orphans?

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