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test paa

From: Ve Swank
Subject: test paa
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 15:14:44 -0700


L E V " T R A
X & N A X
P R 0 Z & C
S 0 M &
C " A L i S
V " A G R A
A M B " E N
M E R " D i A
V A L " U M

all 50 % off -

dwarves than you can help!
Dwarves! said Bilbo in pretended surprise.
Dont talk to me! said Smaug. I know the smell (and taste) of
dwarf-no one better. Dont tell me that I can eat a dwarf-ridden pony
and not know it! Youll come to a bad end, if you go with such friends.
Thief Barrel-rider. I dont mind if you go back and tell them so from me.

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