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Re: 185 VntAGGRA

From: Wilford Ellsworth
Subject: Re: 185 VntAGGRA
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006 16:01:19 -0700

V A L \ U M
A M B \ E N
P R O Z & C
C \ A L i S
S O M &
L E V \ T R A
X & N A X
M E R \ D i A
V \ A G R A

himself. Lake-men, some nasty scheme of those miserable tub-trading
Lake-men, or Im a lizard. I havent been down that way for an age and
an age; but I will soon alter that! Very well, O Barrel-rider! he
said aloud. Maybe Barrel was your ponys name; and maybe not, though it
was fat enough. You may walk unseen, but you did not walk all the way.
Let me tell you I ate six ponies last night and I shall catch and eat

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