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Re: tramp 2.1.6: hosts completion does not work for me.

From: Pawel
Subject: Re: tramp 2.1.6: hosts completion does not work for me.
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 11:42:37 +0200

Michael Albinus writes:
 > Pawel <address@hidden> writes:
 > > Hallo
 > Hi,
 > > After upgrading to 2.1.6 I found out that hosts tramp completion does not 
 > > work.
 > >
 > > I am using scp as default method. The same method I used in 2.1.5.
 > There was a change, indeed. See the Tramp manual, node "Filename
 > completion". Method name, host name and user name completion will be
 > enabled only when partial completion mode (or ido mode, but that is
 > undocumented) is enabled when Tramp is loaded. This is a result of a
 > discussion on the GNU Emacs developpers mailing list. People were
 > concerned, that Tramp tries completion even after typing "/" only.
 > If you don't use partial completion mode, but want to keep host name
 > completion, load Tramp like this in your .emacs:
 >   ;; Preserve Tramp's completion features.
 >   (let ((partial-completion-mode t))
 >     (require 'tramp))
 > For XEmacs, nothing has been changed. The syntax of remote file names
 > is different; one must type at least "/[" in order to bring Tramp into
 > a run.
 > > Greetings
 > Best regards, Michael.

After applying changes hosts completion works as expected.
Thanks a lot!


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